What is the above picture of?

This is a still image from the infamous footage of a supposed Bigfoot/Sasquach creature (look center) filmed in 1967 by P. Patterson. After so many years without a definitive answer as to whether Bigfoot is real, we might conclude that the question itself is flawed. Perhaps we might ask instead, "If Bigfoot is real, where would he mount his Cubby?"

Why don't you sell single Cubbys?

We debated for a long time on whether to offer a single Cubby, but decided against it given the great expense of shipping. The cheapest shipping in the US for a single Cubby is with the USPS is $11 and we incur a $4 fulfillment fee for the packaging, packing, and warehousing. So, with $15 for shipping added to the $22 product price, it comes to $37 each. We found that the 2-pack offered a more realistic per unit cost and could offer free US shipping: 2 for $44, rather than 1 for $37. We would consider selling a single if enough customers request it. Contact us through the "CONTACT" navigation button.

Where do I learn about Cubby, Piggy, and Adieu?

If you want to know more about the specific products for sale, please go to the product descriptions on this site and look at the information beneath the tabs: Overview, Details, Installation, Backstory, and Shipping.

What is materious, and what does it mean?

Materious is the name for the husband-and-wife design studio of Stephanie and Bruce Tharp. "Materious" is an archaic word that means both "substance" ("consisting of material") and also "substantive" or "important". We were attracted to this word because its polysemy speaks to what we strive to achieve in our work. We create designed objects, but we want these physical things to have the capacity for particular significance in people's lives, be that emotional, intellectual, functional, etc. We also like the idea that the word carries a dictionary designation of "obsolete" as it was generally used in the 16th century. We are recycling or perhaps upcycling the word as our brand.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, we accept payments via Paypal and credit card.